With over 30 years’ experience in the business of waste management, FOOTT is trusted to deliver waste, recycling and event solutions throughout regional Victoria and Southern New South Wales.

Partnering with world leading suppliers like Volvo and Bucher, FOOTT continues to invest in a leading-edge fleet of vehicles that seamlessly link data and weighing systems to meet and exceed compliance and regulatory requirements. With longstanding relationships with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), FOOTT continues to work on proactively enhancing fatigue management systems and electronic truck diaries, ensuring the safety of our drivers.

The breadth of products and services allow FOOTT to be your one stop shop for all waste, recycling and event solutions. Together with our extensive network and community connections, we can help you meet all your waste and recycling needs.

In addition, FOOTT continues to invest in the development of Wastedge, a key waste industry platform, to enhance and continually improve our customer experience.

With a growing team, our new office technologies provide the support required for our experienced staff and drivers to continue to deliver the most suitable waste and recycling solutions for our customers.

At our best, we are better than everyone else!

Trust. Foott.

The FOOTT Recycling & Processing Facility

Situated on a 5 hectare site in Shepparton, Victoria, FOOTT designed and built an outstanding recycling and processing facility and modern office which opened in September 2023. With a brand new 5,000 square metre materials processing facility, FOOTT is currently planning the implementation of the most up to date sorting systems for the benefit of all our customers.

The FOOTT site is designed with fire and dust suppression systems, to ensure a clean and safe environment for our team and community. A fully functioning weighbridge system, enhanced truck washbay facilities and traffic safety management complete the new facility.

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