Through the FOOTT Cares Sponsorship Program we consider proposals from not-for-profit groups and community organisations with the aim of enhancing the quality of life of people in the areas in which we operate.

Eligibility criteria

Before submitting your application, please ensure it meets the following Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Funding is only available to not-for-profit community organisations, clubs and community events. Applications from individuals will not be considered at this time
  2. Contributes to growing strong, healthy and vibrant communities
  3. Promotes wellbeing, social interaction, and personal and community pride
  4. Recipients of funding must reside or operate within northern regional Victoria and Southern New South Wales
  5. The initiative or event provides a service or other benefit to communities within regional Victoria and Southern Regional NSW
What we won’t sponsor
  • Fundraising for a third party
  • Requests to sponsor individuals
  • Any activity involving or promoting unsafe practices or
    breaches of accepted community standards
  • Organisations or activities that are considered discriminatory against any section of the community
  • Initiatives promoting the use of tobacco, excess consumption of alcohol or any substance abuse
  • An organisation or initiative that has received support from FOOTT within preceding 12-month period
  • Capital works projects or the purchase of any office equipment, computers, fuel, white goods or wages
  • An initiative or organisation that is already sponsored by one of FOOTT’s industry competitors
2023 FOOTT Cares Sponsorship Program

Program application dates

Closing dates for 2024

We offer two rounds of sponsorship in 2024:

Round 1 Closed February 29 2024
Round 2 Closes September 30 2024

Successful applicants will be advised via email 30 days after the program closure date.

Application form

All requests for sponsorship must complete the FOOTT Cares Community Sponsorship Program application form.

Please complete and submit this form prior to the application deadline date as late entries will not be considered.

While we recognise that all sponsorship requests have merit, the reality is we can’t sponsor everyone. Applications that have a positive impact upon the communities in which we operate and align with our company values are more likely to be our focus. You will receive a response advising whether or not your application has been successful via email 30 days after the program close date. For further information contact FOOTT via email at