Trust FOOTT to help with your secure waste requirements

FOOTT provides secure waste collection and disposal solutions. If you’re looking for help with secure collection burial and shredding requirements FOOTT can provide the best solution.

Secure Waste Solutions
Secure document disposal

At FOOTT we understand that some documents need extra care when being disposed of. We offer:

  • Permanent lockable 120 litre wheelie bins with scheduled collection service for your office
  • Documents shredded at an accredited facility and paper mulch recycled
  • A destruction of secure waste certificate which can be issued for audit purposes
  • Guaranteed, personalised service for all your queries
  • Casual hire of steel 1.5m3 lockable bins available for larger jobs
Secure bulk waste, off-spec and damaged goods

The experienced FOOTT team can advise on the most cost-effective way to securely dispose of off-spec and damaged goods, liquid products and palletised loads.

The team at FOOTT will assist you to determine if the product can be recycled through a strong network of receiving facilities, or alternatively we can transport secure bulk waste into accredited landfills for secure burial.

You can trust FOOTT to find the best solution for your secure waste disposal requirements with traceable outcomes.

Secure chemical and liquid waste disposal

Disposal of some types of liquid waste is highly regulated by the EPA and there are significant penalties for incorrect disposal.

At FOOTT we have the specialised knowledge to assist in the disposal of chemical and specialised liquid waste. We can assist you to navigate the EPA requirements, determine the type of contaminated liquid waste and transport it to an approved facility.

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