Trust FOOTT to help with your event toilet requirements

When it comes to toilets for events, FOOTT offers a large range of toilets, from single units to 16-pan block units, all-abilities units and urinals. The sophisticated Luxury Collection by FOOTT range is reimagining portable toilets. We work with event customers through Victoria, southern NSW and beyond. If you’re looking for toilets, FOOTT can provide the best solution, specifically to suit your event requirements.

FOOTT Toilet Offerings
Single portable event toilets

Depending on the size of the events the single portable toilet can be ideal with either one or many depending on the number of event attendees. FOOTT offers the single standard toilet on trailer, twin standard toilet unit on trailer or single portable toilets delivered to site and placed on ground for easy entry.

Block toilets (16 pan each)

For those bigger events, the FOOTT block toilets (16 pan) are ideal. Additional blocks can be banked together or separately depending on the layout, space requirements and number of people expected at the event.


Compounds containing multiple men’s urinals cater well for large event crowds. FOOTT can advise on the best configurations of urinals and toilets to suit any event size.

All-abilities toilet unit

FOOTT offers all-abilities toilets with ramp access, wide door, assistance bars and spacious interior.

Event cleaning (toilets/waste)

FOOTT provides on-site cleaning services. This includes emptying wheelie bins and ensuring the toilets are always gleaming clean for the life of your event.

Trust. Foott.

Whatever the size or purpose of the event, FOOTT will always provide superior project management and high-quality toilet, waste and recycling products and services to help ensure your event runs smoothly.

Contact us now to discuss all your event toilet, waste and recycling requirements. Call 1300 236 688 or email us.

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