Culture and community are a vital part of the FOOTT story and the company’s values, behaviours and relationships with stakeholders.


We strive to foster a positive and supportive employee culture that encourages collaboration, innovation and sustainability. This involves promoting open communication, recognising employee achievements and providing opportunities for professional development and growth.

Underpinned by a Diversity and Inclusion policy, FOOTT focuses on building a more inclusive culture to respectfully embrace diversity, celebrate difference and encourage a safe and harmonious workplace for everyone.


FOOTT plays an important role in supporting the communities in which we operate.

Through the FOOTT Cares Community Sponsorship Program we consider proposals from groups or community organisations with the aim of enhancing the quality of life in the areas in which we operate.


If you wish to apply for sponsorship for your group or community, please read our Sponsorship Guidelines and complete the Sponsorship Application form in the FOOTT Cares Community Sponsorship Program section here.

GV Football Umpires Association MAJOR SPONSOR
Shepparton Food Share
Victorian Variety Club Bash Annual Rally
Wyndham Basketball Club
Shepparton Lawn Tennis Club
Brighter Days Festival