CDS Vic at FOOTT depots off to a smiling start

CDS Vic at FOOTT depots have been operating since last November across four sites – Shepparton, Benalla, Yarrawonga and Cobram.

The Team FOOTT people have been helping thousands and thousands of customers across the four depots to recycle their eligible cans and containers and get rewarded for 10c per eligible container.

The uptake of the new offering has been extraordinary with Shepparton depot being amongst the top three regional depots in Victoria for numbers of eligible containers and cans returned. That’s a lot of smiling customers.

Automated counting machines efficiently process small and large numbers of cans and bottles, making it quick and easy for customers to get their refund.

Since the start of the program on November 1, customers have deposited almost 8.5 million eligible cans and containers across the four FOOTT depots. That’s a lot of cans and containers! FOOTT has been successfully using local press, and radio in specific areas, and social media across all the geographic areas to help guide people easily to the four CDS Vic FOOTT depots.

It is such a rewarding experience for the FOOTT people to help customers, and with the customers collecting the payment at the end, there are just smiles all round.

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